Sending "Mandatory to acknowledge" process updates and announcements


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  • Nils Rebehn
    Zendesk Luminary

    Hello Ramadan,

    I understand the challenge you are facing. Some of our clients working with Zendesk had the same question. In some cases, the notification app you are referring to "did the trick". But the use case was very specific: inform every agent currently working in Zendesk about something important. This way, they don't need to check other tools or business emails.

    However, you say you need your agents to acknowledge those updates. This is not possible with the notification app as it is a one-way broadcast only. I'm not aware of any app in the marketplace that can do that. A custom app might help.

    Then again, this whole use case sounds like something that is already solved outside of Zendesk with other communication tools like Slack or even basic business email:

    • Create a channel in Slack for updates only. Advise your agents to activate pop-up notifications. Then, whenever an update is shared via that channel, have your agents acknowledge the receipt by responding in that channel. This way, you have your acknowledgements plus the log of who did and did not see them.
    • You could potentially combine both: send out an important update via email or Slack. Then send out a notification via the app you mentioned whenever there is an update. Agents will then reply to the email to acknowledge or go to Slack, where the full update has been posted.

    I hope that helps

    Nils / Guidoo Services

  • Thomas D'Hoe
    Community Moderator


    The notify app of @... should do the trick. They have a broadcast messaging functionality where agents need to acknowledge the message. For now, it's not on their website yet (it's brand new) but if you install the app in the trial, then you will see the functionality. 

    Also, we have our own Newsfeed for Guide app. If you are working with the Guide help centre, then this can help you as well, but we don't have an acknowledged functionality for now.

    Let me know if you need any further assistance. 


    Thomas / Premium Plus - Master Partner Zendesk

  • Peter Godden

    Hi Ramadan, here at SweetHawk, we've built an app that may be of assistance called Notify.

    Recently, we added the ability to broadcast notifications to all agents (or any subset of agents). The notifications appear as sticky popups inside of Zendesk. In cases where agents are away from their desks, there's also a feed where they can view all historical notifications. And unlike the other notification app you mentioned, this one has great reviews 😀😀.

    It comes with a free trial so you can test it out risk-free. But if you don't like entering credit card details, you can also install our Super Suite app here, which will then allow you to install and try it with a single click. Let us know what you think!

  • Ramadan Elsayed

    I want to make sure that the application has the following:

    • The fact that it is mandatory for the agents to acknowledge the message they receive.
    • The ability to report who did and who didn't. this is the deal maker TBH.

    Are those features in your application?

  • Peter Godden

    Hi Ramadan, no problems, in the Activity section of the Notify app you're able to see whom and how many users dismissed each broadcast notification.

  • Ramadan Elsayed

    Thanks Peter,

    I tested it, it works great. i want to state some feedback points here:

    • Acknowledging messages need to have " I read and acknowledge that" button, better than an X button.
    • we need an export feature as we have more than 200 employee, and we need to know who didn't acknowledge the broadcast. Checking each name is going to be complicated.
    • it would be great to add a feature to prevent the agent from handling tickets or log in in before acknowledging critical messages.
  • Peter Godden

    Thanks for giving the app a test run. Glad to hear you're liking what you've seen so far. It sounds like you've got some fairly specific requirements that would be good to dig deeper into. If you've got some time to discuss, it'd be great if you'd be able to book a time to jump on a video call here: ...When I see the booking come through, I'll assign it to me and extend the session out to say 45 mins so we have time to work things out/explore options. 

  • Ramadan Elsayed

    I booked the calendar.



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