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    Kasper Sørensen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi all,

    I'm excited to share that we've released Content tags which is a new public content tagging system which has the tag management capabilities that this thread is describing.

    Read the full announcement here

  • Eckhard Doll

    I agree! Any kind of label management would be very helpful. Having a list of all labels without having to use the API and then also be able to delete certain labels. I was really surprised that it is not possible to delete a label at all.

  • Sean C

    Two years later, this doesn't seem to have changed much. All too easy to let duplicate/near-match/typo labels flood the labels selector. Would love a way to clean these up, merging duplicates and/or removing unused or erroneously created tags within the ZenDesk /hc UI.

    That "merging duplicates" point is the one that makes this a little more than a quick 5 minute hack on the API. Would love to see an official, vendor-provided fix.

  • Lexi D'Angelo

    I've just started Day 1 of my trial and am excited to use ZenDesk, however seeing that there isn't a solution to something as simple as editing/deleting labels is a bit concerning. I hope a solution for this is created soon! Thank you :)

  • Jennifer

    Please add the ability to manage labels! I've upvoted all of the comments above, but realize that also adding a post can help draw attention to the need so many customers have. This seems like a fundamental capability that should be included, and it's certainly a miss that it's not. 

  • Flynn Beckman

    Hi! I'd just like to add a further voice that we need a way to search labels in the Manage Articles area and a way to merge labels that are redundant/misapplied

  • Georg

    We also need a label management badly. A simple list would be helpful and, of course, the possibility to delete and/or merge variants.

  • Annie

    Adding a voice in support of the ability to View, Edit, and Delete labels, and a request for an update from Zendesk Support on a 4+ year old suggestion.

    Echoing use cases noted above ... it is too easy to inadvertently add an incorrect label, then you have no way of removing it, and it becomes likely to be selected and used again in the future.  There is also no way for me to even view a simple list of current/existing labels.  Going to the All Articles list and filtering by Label does not bring up all Label options ... I have to already know which Labels exist in order to filter accordingly.

  • straygoat

    I agree that this needs to be added. The writing experience in ZD is basic to say the least,  and not being able to edit or delete labels is a real pain.

  • Stephen

    UHHH -- I was just looking for the answer for how to delete labels that I have misspelled -- and I'm guessing from this post that there ISN'T anyway way through the ZenDesk UI.

    This is even more problematic due to using labels in AnswerBot triggers.  Use the WRONG label and you don't get the articles you expect.

    PLEASE ZENDESK -- this is a trivial high-school intern-type programming problem -- have someone put together a UI for deleting labels.  While you're at it -- in the list of labels, show the NUMBER of articles where that label has been used.

  • Maggie St.Clair

    We too have a need to be able to delete old labels that are no longer used. I am finding articles tagged with labels that are meaningless as well as ones that are similar to other labels. A way to go through all of the labels we have set up and delete the ones that should no longer be used would be very helpful to maintain consistency. Right now it is a bit of a mess and will probably only get worse through the years. 

  • Brian King

    Yes, I agree... would also be great to have labels/tags available for translation into other languages without having to do this manually. We use the Transifex integration and this is currently not possible. 

  • Brenda Griffith

    Adding to the long litany of requests for the ability to delete/edit labels! Is anyone at Zendesk paying attention? Is this feature on the queue somewhere? PLEASE ADVISE!!!!!



  • Chris Brigger


  • MySchool

    rebump please, Just moved into a new role, and having used zendesk previously I wanted to restructure and rebuild the help center and hopefully plan for big growth very soon. However, I need to rebuild the label strucutre and make it understandable....Reading this apparently we can't?

  • Brenda Griffith

    Still not able to delete and no comment from Zendesk Support...

  • Jacques van Rensburg

    This option is a no-brainer. If you add it, you should be able to edit/delete it.

  • Patrick

    I agree with this post, I would like a way to easily bulk update labels without the API, especially now with Answer Bot.

  • Igal Dar


    And I don't understand why the API still doesn't support deleting a label.

  • Nate Moss

    To anyone looking to get a list of all labels currently being used in your Help Center.

    1. Paste this link in your browser and replace "{subdomain}" with your actual subdomain. Also, make sure you are logged in to your ZD account when doing so. https://{subdomain}
    2. You should now have a screen with a ton of mushed-together data. This is a JSON file. Right-click anywhere and hit save as and download to your computer.
    3. Go to: Upload your file and download as CSV. Now you have an organized list of all current labels in your Help Center at that point in time.

    Thank you Zendesk for making this so hard :)

  • Flair Customer Support

    Hi All,

    Sorin from Swifteq has been working on some cool tools for Zendesk.

    Have you seen the help desk manager?

    (Disclaimer: I have talked with Sorin in the past but am not affiliated with his company. I can say that he is very responsive to requests!)

    My best,

  • Margie James

    Adding my vote here, though nothing new to say that hasn't been said already. If you can create labels, you should be able to manage them. It seems kind of crazy that this request is almost 4 years old now. 

  • Sarah Rebecca Miller

    +1 Since labels are case-sensitive, it's easy to create duplicates. We want our authors to use the same labels but if someone made a mistake when creating a label or we decided to use a different term due to business changes (like we've renamed a program or service), it is difficult for authors to adhere since the old label can't be deleted. I see that tags can be managed on the support side...

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Thanks for the feedback, Maggie!

  • Jay Lee

    I also support all of the suggestions in this thread.  

  • Lenka Soukup Prochazkova


    We also would like to be able to delete the labels. Yup, it is a no-brainer. 

  • Kasper Sørensen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi all,

    Wanted to let you know that @... and I are working on a solution for content tagging that goes across articles, community posts and more. We're still at the early proof-of-concept stage, so I can't share that just yet, but we are very aware that there is a need to serve here!

  • Steven Knox


  • Flair Customer Support

    A reasonable feature request that's been sitting around for over 5 years implies that it's not a trivial implementation or ZD has more important features to work on.

    There's are endpoints that can be used. It's a bit brutish, but at least we can delete a label.

    Get a list of labels and ID's:

    Search for articles by label ID (make sure it's not being used):

    Delete label from article (in case it's being used):

    Delete label by ID:

    So you can do this from a browser. Here's how to get all labels:

    https://<your ZD implementation>

  • sorin

    Hi everybody,

    I'm planning to implement the labels & tags management in my new Zendesk app: Help Center Manager. It's still work in progress but please register your interest to get notified of its release.



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