Full view of query titles

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  • Jeremy Heath

    The width of the sections should auto stretch so that you can fit bigger titles in

    Or allow us to drag them longer like in excel


    This would be a big help if they could change it

  • Celia Johnson

    I'm running into this quite a bit myself. Would be really nice to be able to see the full titles, it's not like there's a lack of screen room. 

  • Jeremy Heath


    Especiallywhen you have a wide screen monitor 2560 x 1440 it looks daft

  • Adam Rumschlag

    I'm running into this myself a lot as well. There needs to be a way to see the full query name before you click on it.

  • Elizabeth Toy

    Here here! Not only on the Query page list but the list when selecting to add one to a Dashboard (see below). For the latter, I'd also suggest adding the type of query visualization, as that's sometimes the difference between two that I've made, and putting it in the query name feels redundant.

  • bill cicchetti

    would love to see this also.  Only work around I found in Chrome is to reduce the Zoom to 90-80% depending on the length of the name



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