How to check how much time is left in the SLA counter when ticket is Pending?


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    Nhia Lor
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hey Nadav,

    Thanks for raising this use case.

    You definitely raise a good point.  Whilst our native SLA badge or the SLA event tracker does not currently show the remaining SLA time whilst paused.  Have you considered another paid app that might help with what you're after?  The app is called "SLA Timers" and is developed by one of our close partners SweetHawk.  Alternatively if you have access to some developer resources you could always create your own custom app using our Zendesk Apps Framework to look up the ticket SLA metric details; calculate the remaining time and display it within the app.

    Hope that helps further with your concerns!

  • Nadav Shamgar

    Thank you!



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