Localization of Posts in Gather

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    Kasper Sørensen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Julien,

    Thank you for the feedback. You are correct that we do not have localization functionality built in to Gather at the moment. We are still considering how we can offer something smarter from our end, but here are some options that work today:

    • You can create different forum Topics for different locales. For instance, we have various "Global Communities" listed on our topics page.
    • You can build a custom translation option using a third party translation service, for instance the Google Translate API.
  • Kelli Cain

    Hi Kasper,

    In looking at Zendesk "Global Communities" on your topics page as referenced above, the community links are language-specific so do not offer a forum for global conversation.  Is there an example you could share where third-party translation was used to create a multi-lingual community?  Thanks! 



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