Converting email information to ticket


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  • Giuseppe
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Rocky,


    It's possible to parse or process email data from your customers to Zendesk, but this will most likely have to be done via 3rd-party service and with integration to Zendesk API, specifically Tickets API

    For example, when you receive an email from your customer, you could 'process' that email first, then, submit that as a ticket via Create Ticket endpoint with all of the data processed (like ticket field values).


    Another simpler, yet less flexible, way of doing this is via Triggers. You can use conditions such as Subject text or Comment text to capture specific keywords and build actions based on those keywords. For more information, see these articles:


    How does the Comment text condition work in business rules?

    How do I create a trigger based on a ticket subject?


    Also, here's a similar post from another user about this topic: Parse external ID from mail subject or body

  • Gabriel Rubia

    Yes, this is possible using regular expressions. The result is then automatically updated in the custom fields. It's also possible to create tags according to your needs. 

    Check out this app in the Zendesk Marketplace:

    You can include different patterns in the same trigger.

    I hope it cuts off the manual work.




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