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  • Kyle Davis ATG

    Hi Rolf Hayes,


    Your trigger looks like it should work. I have one similar. Maybe this will help.

  • Kyle Davis ATG

    Another option is to create a Trigger that happens during a "scheduled" event or Holiday. So, if you add your Company event to the Zendesk schedule, you can create a Trigger that emails the client about it.

  • Chandra Robrock
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    Rolf Hayes One note is that this trigger wouldn't fire for any newly created tickets with how you have it setup currently. I'm wondering if perhaps that's the issue you've been observing? Were you testing this trigger on brand new tickets?

    The Ticket Is Updated only fires when an existing ticket is modified and the change is submitted. If you'd like it to fire for both new & existing tickets, you can do that by including both conditions under the Meet ANY of the following conditions section of your trigger setup. See screenshot below:

    I also think you're going to want to add some more logic to this trigger, similar to the logic included in Kyle Davis ATG's screenshot. Specially, some Comment is Present logic as well as Current User logic. 

    Otherwise, this trigger will fire on any update made to the ticket - not just when the customer emails in. For example, if an agent leaves an internal comment on the ticket or simply changes the status of the ticket, this trigger would be fired as it stands currently.

  • Rolf Hayes

    Thanks All

    I had a different trigger with different email body for new created tickets and yes I was trying this on an existing ticket.  What I have found out since is that this trigger seemed to run on updates by an agent but not by the requester or customer.

    I've changed the conditions to be similar to Kyle Davis's and will be trying this out later.



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