Excel file is corrupted when there is no data in the report

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  • Gwyn Davis

    100% agree with this post, we have dashboards/schedules in place to provide daily reports to users within the business so this issue is being raised internally on a regular basis. 

    A better user experience would be to create a blank report with the headings intact. 


  • I agree too! This would be good if there wasn´t a "corrupted file" message. We love the functionality of the reporting and are willing to make the most of it, but going forward this will be something being raised regularly. 

  • Elene Peck


    Just wonder why the excel file generated by Zendesk Explore is showing as corrupted when there is no data that satisfied the criteria/query? This is very misleading and is there a workaround for it? 

    Is this a known issue? Thank you. 

  • Robert Hood

    Agree will everything stated previously.  A blank worksheet with headers would be better than a file that throws the error and can't be opened.  The error messages causes too many questions from my end-users and kills any automated processes I have place when the file cannot be opened.

  • Juli Hackenberger

    We are having the same issue. If we have a report that does not have any tickets that meet the criteria we get a "corrupted file". It causes a lot of questions and while easily explained, every time it happens, someone has to take time to verify the report just doesn't have any matching tickets and that it is not an error.



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