Automatic Switch from Messaging to Email Channels Post Chat


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    Sarah Darmawan
    Zendesk Product Manager


    Thank you for your feedback. Defaulting to Messaging as the channel is the expected behaviour and there are no plans in our immediate roadmap to resolve this. 

    We understand this can be frustrating to the agent workflow - we will keep an eye out for similar community posts to stay informed on how best to prioritize this behaviour.

    - Sarah D.

  • Shayan Moussawi

    I have experienced the same issue. I believe the smoothest solution would be to use the last channel used as the "default" channel. For example if the customer replied via Email in their last response, then the Email channel should be the default selected channel. 

  • Matt Foley

    My screenshot doesn't seem to be appearing in my original post...

  • Susana Fernández Guinea

    It's very inconvenient that there's in incoming Messaging ticket and that we change the channel to email to solve the ticket. But if the ticket is reopened, the channel is back to messaging.

    This doesn't make sense at all and it's very inconvenient.

    The last channel used should be the channel to which the ticket is reopened.

  • Trudy Slaght

    I have created a feedback thread in the support channel for this at: 

    I believe the setting would be enabled in the ticket settings but I agree with you, this behavior you describe would be preferred.

  • Fiona

    This has been coming up as feedback from my team too. Multiple times they've sent "Hi [name]" as an email because they hit enter and didn't realize the mode had defaulted back to messaging. Once a ticket has become email channel, it should stay that way as the default. 

  • Dennis Scholing

    Fully agree with "The last channel used should be the channel to which the ticket is reopened."

    It's weird that every time the customer responds by email, Zendesk jumps back to Messaging. Just let us respond immediately and automatically by email if the customer has sent a response by email. 

    Or at least an option to enable this, that we have a choice between automatically switching to last used channel or as it is now.

  • Cortiez Hoodie

    Currently, when a ticket is closed or Xed out when it reopens, the default setting is Messaging.

    Consequently, I've unintentionally sent chat messages to clients.

    Is it possible to address this? Better yet, sooner rather than later?




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