Zendesk App get ticketFields options and optionValues incorrect

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    Jessica G.
    Zendesk Customer Care

    We truly appreciate your reports.

    A Service Incident has been fired for this and we have shared some public details here: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/5007103445530-Service-Incident-October-5th-2022.

    A Postmortem shall be shared once available.

  • Dev


    I have the same issue, but for me, options are even stranger - all fields, including custom_field, priority, etc., have only one option, and it's company name label with some id value. 

    This issue is critical for us, because a lot of our customers use our app and report that their agents can't work at all! It breaks the whole agent workflow, because it depends on our app.


  • Vlad

    Same Issue here.

    Label and name seems correct, but options are from another customField

  • Tanawat Oonwattana

    Same issue here, our agents cannot continue their oeprations because of this.

    I am listing out the options of 2 dropdowen fields and both of them are having the same list (from another custom field)

  • Remo Deplazes

    Same problems here. I have already 4 customers which use our custom app reporting the problem and they can't work at the moment

  • Jessica G.
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Thank you for raising this issue and sorry to hear you are facing it!
    We're currently investigating this.



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