Messaging - don't allow customers to send messages before inputting name/email since agents don't receive these until they do

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  • Daniel Aron
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Pedro, thanks for your feedback. One reason that users are able to send messages when presented with the form is to accommodate a scenario where the user decides they do not want to proceed to speak to agent, and instead want to continue to try to self-serve by chatting with the bot. If the user typed a message such as "I'm having a problem with x, y, z..." the bot would try to match that message to the appropriate answer flow and they can continue to solve their issue. Perhaps one suggestion is to modify the message text to make it more explicit the user must fill out the details if they want to be transferred to an agent.

  • Tim G
    Zendesk Luminary

    We're seeing the same issues with customer confusion and frustration about "where to type" - because the free text input box isn't de-activated / greyed out.

    I raised a ticket with Zendesk support and they mentioned that there isn't a way to disable the 'type a message' box - but it would be really useful to be able to do this sometimes. For example, from the 'understanding answer flow types' article:

    We have a similar set up to the below - and customers regularly get frustrated because they see the request for name/email etc, but they type their response in the "Type a message" box at the bottom - rather than entering it in the 'fields' within the messaging flow: 

    It'd be really nice to be able to configure the flow to say 'disable input for this question' etc.

    Interestingly, when I was raising the ticket with Zendesk support about this exact issue - I noticed that the Zendesk chat flow does exactly that - meaning that the customer can't get confused/frustrated when needing to fill out a form field. 

    In the below - you can see how the text input is greyed out, and says "Complete the form above".


    This is perfect - but can we get that same functionality in the flow builder / configurable for us please? 

  • Aldo Green

    I need the same "Complete the form above" disabled option. How can we configure it?

  • Wathanyoo Khaisongkram

    Hi Daniel Aron

    I'm having similar issues and would like to add one vote for this option to be able to choose to disable the type-a-message box while having user filling out forms. 

    As you explained, I understand exactly that sometimes users might change their minds and might want to proceed with different flows, which is totally fine, and so we should allow that by leaving the type-a-message box active. However, there are also times when we want them to fill out exact something before they can proceed. At which time, we should have a option to disable the message box just for that instant. 

    It's been over a year since your last post so I'm wondering if there has been any further thought into this issue so far? Thank you. 

  • Shawna James
    Community Product Feedback Specialist
    Hello Wathanyoo, thank you for your continued feedback here. I want to confirm that your comment and others have been logged for our PM's to review. Please note, that our PM's may not be able to get a reply back especially if there have been no updates to the issues raised. Thank you again for sharing your concern, we appreciate your feedback!
  • Clara Browell

    Hello, we have just launched the messaging widget and are having the same challenge. We need to be able to make the name and email field mandatory to continue with using the feature. We are getting live messages come through with no name or email address.

  • Vivek Buthello

    Why ZD subscribers are restricted from good features !! Are these only restricted for ZD and not to their clients !!!!



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