How to handle closed tickets with no organization

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  • Jacob the Moderator
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    Hey Jake,

    In explore there are two organization name attributes:
    Ticket organization name
    Requester organization name

    The first can't be updated once the ticket is closed, as you say.

    But, from the requester user profile, you can still add the organisation they should bring to, after the ticket has been closed. And you can use the Requester organization name for displaying this.

    Hope that makes sense.

  • Ahmed Zaid
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    Jake Warren You can simply prevent tickets that has no organization from closing by adding the following condition to the closing automation:

    Ticket: organization is not -

    You will then have to create a view for those tickets to monitor them and make sure they do not get stuck in solved forever.

  • Chandra Robrock
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    Jake Warren Another option to prevent tickets from being closed without an Organization is to create a trigger to do something.

    For instance, I have a Triage group that I keep tickets in if we weren't able to get all of the information up-front to put the ticket on the right Zendesk Schedule & SLA Policy. A ticket will stay in this Triage group until an agent has successfully finished filling out all required information, one of which is ensuring that all paid customers are linked to their Zendesk Organization which is synced from Salesforce.

    To accomplish this, the Condition would look like the following (plus whatever other criteria you need for your workflows):

    For the action, you could have the ticket reopen, send the Assignee an email notification, add an internal note to the ticket (see this community post for more info), etc.

    Hope that helps spark some other ideas of how to prevent this from happening!

  • Jake Warren

    Some really great ideas in these replies - appreciate all the input! I think for now, Ahmed Zaid's suggestion is the quickest way for us to ensure we don't have tickets that are closed and without an organization. Thanks again everyone!

  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    Just a little caution. 

    Tickets that are solved for 28 days will automatically be set to a closed status.

    You need to ensure you do your housekeeping on organisations before that date.



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