Drop down field in custom ticket form not carrying user selection over to ticket


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  • Gabriel Manlapig
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Monica,
    This issue usually occurs if you have a trigger that has the action to remove / set tags. The Set tags action removes all existing tags and replaces them with the ones in your business rule actions. 
    This poses an issue when dealing with dropdown box fields, because those need to be set 1-to-1 with a tag. You can see this occurring by going to the ticket and clicking 'Show all events'. This shows the tag being applied, a location being selected, and then the tag being removed as the trigger fires off. I hope this helps! 
  • BurghGal4Life

    Oh my goodness Gabriel! THANK YOU! They couldn't tell me anything, and after I left for the day... they still needed more info... You just saved my whole day! 

    I DID use "set tags" for that ticket... and have switched to "add tags" and it works perfectly! 



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