Trigger based on an email domain?

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  • Callum D

    Yes, it is possible to automatically assign a field in Zendesk based on the requester's email domain. You can achieve this by creating a trigger in Zendesk that matches the incoming email address and sets the corresponding value in the 'Agency/Customer' field.

    Here's a step-by-step guide to create the trigger:

    1. Go to the Zendesk Admin interface
    2. Navigate to the Triggers section
    3. Click on the "Add trigger" button
    4. Give the trigger a name, e.g. "Assign Agency/Customer based on email domain"
    5. In the "Meet all of the following conditions" section, select "Ticket is created" as the trigger event.
    6. Add a new condition "Ticket: Requester email" and specify the pattern that matches.

    I think this will answer your question.



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