Shopify Checkout Extensibility App

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  • Greg Katechis
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy

    Hi Victor! I'm not familiar with Shopify's platform at all...could you provide some more details on what it is you're looking for?

  • Hannah Beasley

    Greg-Katechis Following up on this as I have the exact same question! You guys have the Shopify app for Zendesk available here:

    Shopify is sunsetting their original checkout and moving to something called checkout extensibility. This essentially means that we will no longer have access to the straight up checkout code (so we can't just paste in Zendesk code), and instead, we have to add content through something called checkout extensibility. Extensions are created so that content can be added to checkout. This has to be done via a third-party app. I'm wondering if Zendesk is planning on transitioning and creating a checkout extension? Otherwise, no Shopify users are going to be able to use Zendesk in checkout once the old checkout sunsets.

    Thank you!



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