Product Feedback: Limit Agent Macro Permissions


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  • Heather Rommel
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    I WOULD LOVE THIS!!! So many fields/options I would disable for Agents in macros, probably by their group and/or role! Great suggestion.

  • Shawna James
    Community Product Feedback Specialist
    Hello Atanas, thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback. This has been logged for our PM team to review.

    For future reference, I want to point you in the direction of our product feedback template. This template has been designed by community members and PM's to help users provide the most accurate details for their feature request so that we can better understand your use case and needs. You do not need to update your post now but we would appreciate in the future if you could utilize the template.

    For others who may be interested in this feature request, please add your support by upvoting this post and/or adding your use case to the the comments below. Thank you again!
  • Anastasia Kachanova


    Our use-case is that agents and other team members need to be able to create their own macros or edit existing macros, but since they're not admins and are not aware about set up logic inlcuding different tags on the tickets - it happens quite often that someone is adding/removing ticket tag via macro and then we have bunch of tickets not visible in any of the views created for team members. In this case ZD Admin team need to waste manual efforts in localizing this ticket, understanding root cause and trying to fix it. 

    That's why to have ability to control what each role can use as actions in macros would be beneficial for us. 

  • Boyan Spasov


  • Scott Allison
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thank you everyone for continuing to share your needs for this. Unfortunately, this is not on currently on our roadmap, so I will mark the status of this as Not Planned, for now.

    Improvements to Macro functionality and the management of them is something we'd like to prioritize in the future, and the more customer demand there is, the better so please keep commenting and upvoting on the requests you care about. We do have a lot of awesome product enhancements planned for 2024, and if you're not already following our what's new section I recommend you do so to get alerted as we release them.



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