@mention slack user functionality on Zendesk

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  • David Gillespie
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi @...,

    Thanks for your feedback! There have been a few request's for @mentions in the Slack integration, definitely agree that this would be a good feature to have in the integration.

    We've captured this as a feature request for the Slack integration and will let you know if and when we decide to develop this.



  • Amie

    Hey Fikir,

    Whilst this feature is not currently built into the Slack integration; i'd recommend for you to check out this post here in the link below. When an agent @mentions you in Zendesk, it can also ping you in slack too. It has the steps on how to set up this workaround until Zendesk built such a feature. :)




  • Sara Ledger

    We're just starting to investigate using the side conversations feature and this would be a huge plus to be able to do mentions, especially when we need to tag in a specific person or escalate to a specific user group. For example, we have a guru mention group for our new associates to ping/ask questions to the senior team members about tickets. If they can do that from the ticket with the mention instead of going into slack, it would be incredibly useful!

  • Sara Ledger

    Something I did notice today is that mentions for user groups seem to work as well as mentions where there is not a space in the display name. If the user has a space in the Slack display name, this doesn't work.

  • Jarrett Givens

    Was there any update on if this capability was added? I was wondering if we could mention people on slack through Zendesk so our team doesn't miss any of the tickets we submit.

  • Xendit Zendesk Team

    We've been using group tagging- wherein we are able to tag slack groups in our organization through slack side convos. 

    We use @groupname (in black font) and this seems to work on our end, groups are notified accordingly on slack.

    However- specific individual name mentioning is still not working. 

  • Sara Ledger
    Zendesk Luminary

    Xendit Zendesk Team If you change the Slack display name of the individual person to one word (ex. @SaraLedger instead of @Sara Ledger) then it should work the same as groups. It's annoying to have to update everyone's display names but thats the workaround I found in the meantime. Hope that helps!

  • Mo Shujaat

    Sara Ledger could you please elaborate on how you got this to work? I have a display name in slack that is only 1 word (@mo) but I still could not get the zendesk side conversation to tag me in a message. It worked fine for a group though


  • BA

    I was also unable to get the one-name @ mentions to work.  The workaround I found was:

    • Go to the desired user's Slack profile by clicking on their name in a conversation
    • Click the three dots icon on the right side about halfway down the profile pane
    • Copy member ID
    • Inside the side conversation in ZD, type <@member id>, replacing member id with the value you just copied (you need to include the angle brackets)

    In practice, this is not very convenient at all if you need to mention a person just one time - it's faster just to open Slack and mention them directly in the thread.  We have certain people on Slack that need to get notified regularly about certain tickets (for instance, colleagues in sales and billing), so for those types people, you can set up a macro to open a new side conversation in Slack and mention them.  That way, you only need to do the above steps one time for each of those people.

    Mo Shujaat perhaps the above will help in your case.

  • Sara Ledger
    Zendesk Luminary

    Mo Shujaat If anyone else's slack starts with @mo such as @mowens and @moe both being in Slack, the integration won't know which one is being referenced so it won't connect. It has to be a unique display name. I would check if anyone else in your org has any mentions that start with @mo because you may need a more unique identifier like @mohammadshujaat vs @mo.

    Hope that helps!

  • Nino Callueng

    Is there an update if this will be rolled out? Thank you!

  • Rudolph Beaton
    Zendesk Luminary

    Any word on when this will roll out? Our team would love this!


  • Stephanie Hermanns

    This would be totally helpful! Please do something about it 🙏

  • Sam Ayoko

    We need this please. Thanks

  • James Fuentes

    +1 for us. Would really like this.

  • Laina Haymes

    i would love way to only notify slack users if they are mentioned in a zendesk ticket

  • Andi Metcalf

    We would love to use this feature as well.  Have there been any advances?


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