YouTube + Zendesk Integration Needed Part 2

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    Chris Drylie
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Sophia, 

    Thank you for reaching out.

    Our public social platform is currently being reviewed and we are looking at new areas such as youtube as part of this, we will keep an look to post any further updates in this space once we have further information. 

  • Dave Dyson

    Hi Sophia,

    Thanks for your feedback! For what it's worth, there is an app in the Zendesk Apps Marketplace that allows you to capture YouTube comments into tickets:
    Video Comments

  • Sophia Montealegre

    Dave, I'm aware of this and I addressed it in the description. There's not a method to respond to these tickets on platform and that's where the lack of an integration is happening. Thanks anyway. 

  • Dave Dyson

    I see – thanks for clarifying, and sorry I missed that!

  • Fadi Sami

    Hi everyone, 

    The new Video Comments Pro Application is now live on Zendesk Marketplace, it allows you to seamlessly connect your Youtube channel in a few minutes.

    We recommend you try the 14 days free trial


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