Basic Tips for Reporting on Tags in Explore

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  • Amber Barnes

    I have had issues with using the filter for tag exclusion. I built a query that I wanted to exclude tickets that had certain tags, so I added a tag filter and excluded those tags. The query however would still return tickets that contained those tags. I reached out to Zendesk support and they suggested the calculated attribute instead. I will be trying that but just wanted to mention my issue with the filter way of going about this. 

  • Jeff

    I'm looking to get a csv file to report on all tags (Last Month) where ticket id per row includes all tags used per ticket. Help!

  • Elaine
    Hi Jeff,

    You can use the default attribute since you are going to report using all tags associated to the ticket. 

    Here is a screenshot for the sample report:

    Once saved, you can export it by clicking the drop-down on the upper right corner and click Export then select CSV.


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