Problem and Incident tickets - need a way to view the subject and detail of all incident tickets against a problem ticket, or vice versa

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  • Sven Hertens

    +1 on being able to see what problem ticket a ticket is linked to in views.

    +1 on being able to see the number of tickets are linked to a problem ticket in views.

  • Frank Ferris

    Hi @Mitzi! To view the subject and detail of all incident tickets against a problem ticket (or vice versa), you can use the "Related Tickets" feature in Zendesk. This will allow you to see all tickets related to a specific problem ticket or incident ticket. If you want to export this data for further analysis, you can consider using an add-on like Coefficient to export it to Google Sheets. I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.

  • Mitzi Broom

    Thanks Frank Ferris. What we really need is to be able to schedule reports on problem tickets along with all their linked incident tickets, or even just a count of the incidents linked to each problem would be a start. 

  • Brettany Rhodes

    +1 Need a report to find tickets that are marked incidents and not tied to a problem ticket. Also, seeing how many incidents are tied to a problem ticket would be extremely helpful.

  • Viachaslau Skorbezh


  • Daniela Ostovic (Rusu)

    +1 on this. Current reporting on problem tickets is limited.

  • Josh Fulton

    This is a major detractor for the Incident Problem workflow. There is no good place for our team to see the status of problem tickets, the number of incidents attached, the problem subject, and the attached incident organization names in one place.


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