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  • Alex

    Hi, just wondering what sort of workaround have people found to this. We just adopted Zendesk and my manager wants to know how many 'e-mails' we received each day. We only have one inbox added to zendesk. We have the professional feature of Explore and Professional for support. We really don't need any super fancy data but even with this I struggle. In outlook I have 78 new e-mail for day X but Zendesk says I received 45 Tickets. I added another option to include reopened tickets but the number I get is still short. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. 

    Same goes for how many queries we solved. We may have replied to 100 queries but say if a ticket was reopened then we replied to it twice but it's the same ticket so it will only be counted once? 

    Sorry for sounding like an absolute rookie. 

    Thanks in advance,


  • Christopher Rome

    Alex Dobocan

    It sounds to me like you are looking at the support address and how many emails came in vs the number of tickets you have in zendesk. An email that comes in could be adding an additional comment to a ticket, thus not increasing the number of tickets, but increasing the number of emails. Similarly, reopening a ticket will not increase your ticket number but may increase the number of emails. 

    For my organization, where we primarily provide customer support and live and die by the volume of questions/tickets coming in, we look more at the amount of tickets created, solved, our backlog of tickets over time, how many of the tickets were one-touch tickets, and how long it takes for a ticket to come to its first resolution and full resolution if it gets reopened.

    You may have to reevaluate how you measure performance from more than just how many emails come in. Look into some of the premade dashboards and tabs that zendesk provides. That should provide more than enough info for you if you are just starting out.

  • CJ Johnson

    Two years and no update on the official comment? The thread about this is still jumping, this is a hotly wanted attribute.


  • Master

    +1 on this topic as well.

    We have about 13 e-mails, each pertaining to a type of customer.

    I have just checked and my GMail inbox says i've received about 1700 emails on a time frame, but only 637 tickets have been created. We need to know what is, and what is not generated, as well as if something was created but was assigned to another Team.

  • Jahn Jerenz Bronilla

    Hello Eugene Orman - we currently now at H2 of 2021 but we still haven't heard anything from the Zendesk team about this request.

    As per your comment you will be looking for alternative on the 2nd half of 2020. Kindly give us an update on this request and where it standing now.


  • Kelsey

    This is essential to our business, we need the option to report on volume of incoming tickets received at each of our Support email addresses. This is quite an old thread (4 years?) but I was encouraged to post here, any updates to speak of? 

  • Collin C

    Would hate for this to hit 6 months without a comment and disappear.

    The workaround doesn't work for me because it doesn't capture historic data, but also because we use wildcards in our forwarding rules, so an email could be received in Support without that specific address being configured in advance.

    For that matter, I was surprised I couldn't use received_at in an advanced search query.

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Collin, 
    Don't worry, this thread isn't going away any time soon. We're working to get answers on some of these older threads. In the meantime, we've published a workaround here (granted, it will only work for tickets going forward): Can I report on the received at address in Explore?
  • Jahn Jerenz Bronilla

    @... - not much of a worry I think but rather wondering why ZD aren't adding the "received at" as attribute given this is a great help for us.

    The work around you're providing is kinda tedious given we have so many email address where ticket was originated.

    Again, this thread is running for almost 5 years now.

  • John James

    Indeed, we would truly see the value in the capacity to run reports straightforwardly founded on the email address through which the request/ticket was gotten. It's much more clean/more secure than going through a middle of the road step of making a trigger that makes a tag, or putting together it with respect to the gathering/specialist these tickets were allocated to . . . any of these might have changed during the ideal revealing reach (or you considered them past the point of no return) . . . then, at that point, you pass up on the valuable chance to get the information you want.

    A debt of gratitude is in order for thinking about this!

  • Reshma Patel

    Upvoting this as well.  I was looking to provide data to teams that have email addresses setup but never utilized email as a channel. It makes it very hard for us to maintain our instance from an administrative view if there is a lack in data that is available for us to share with our customers. Eventually we will have tons of stale data in the system, and no way to report on what is being used vs not. Please add the received at email attribute to explore. 

  • Yanni

    +1 we need this attribute

  • Kirill Akimov

    +1 We also need this capability in Explore

  • Jon Durlauf

    Our company is looking to clean-up our 30+ existing support addresses. We could use an attribute like this to help us understand which email addresses are being used and which emails we can phase out.

    The suggested workaround is not helpful for our use case. It would require creating 30+ triggers and it would not include data on past tickets.

  • Justin Hunt

    +1 this really needs to be added in Explore.

  • Lou
    Community Moderator
    The Product Manager Whisperer - 2022

    This would definitely be nice to have. We use MANY different incoming email addresses for many different reasons to "segregate" tickets. What's odd is that this attribute IS available in a view. Unfortunately, views only go back so far (6 months, I think?) whereas Explore goes back as far as you'd like.

  • Pat

    We have 70+ email addresses within our Enterprise account and depend on being able to see how many tickets we receive per address. There is a workaround with adding a specific tag to each ticket allowing to identify the "received at" email, but it is not beautiful. Therefore having an attribute in Explore to report upon is critical for us.


  • Ruth Nogueron

    Piling on here, please add this to Explore. This is yet another basic item that is missing from the move from GoodData.

  • Charles Kling

    Shocked this field is not in Explore. I echo the comments above, please add asap.

  • Tom Himpe

    +1 to have this date in Zendesk Explore. This is an obvious question (since a while) and should be available in the reporting tool. Hope to see soon a real action plan.

  • Glennie T. Sørensen

    +1 to have this

  • Cheng-Chung Wu

    +1 great to have this feature soon

  • Markus Schulz

    From my point of view a must have to understand and monitor customer communication via different email addresses.


    Can anyone report any progress on this problem? Seems to be a pretty basic expectation. 

  • Alan

    +1 - I'd like to create reports to show a breakdown of how many emails we're receiving at each support address. Doing this by populating a custom field with a trigger is not a sustainable process.

  • Brad Harris

    Adding my name to the list. This seems like a huge oversight and a workaround for all tickets moving forward does NOT help. I need this on a retroactive set of tickets.


  • ZenIT


    We are very interested in having this feature in our system and be able to report on received at. Thanks!

  • Ashley Moore

    +1 for this.

  • Stephen

    +1 Adding support for this to be an attribute in Explore.

  • mfg

    We need to pull forward a bunch of tickets' historical data that can't be updated with the workaround for obvious reasons. We also have 50+ support emails, and this workaround wasn't included in the original implementation despite the goal of Zendesk was partly to consolidate all of the existing support emails. If this data can be used in workspace views, why can't it be pulled into Explore?


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