View Chat History / Past messages on IOS and Android


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  • kha sing khoo

    This is critical, my company may switch to other chat service if this is not available...

  • Mastan Padol

    I thought this has been raised long ago, not sure if Zendesk really serious on this topic. 

  • Anton M.

    New messaging chat has persistent chat history in SDK.
    Also for legacy chat it’s possible to build own chat UI with history, though it requires some development effort.

  • Prakruti Hindia
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Adding on to what Anton mentioned, 

    • Chat Android and iOS Mobile SDK supports conversation history for authenticated customers. Learn more
    • New Messaging Web Widget and Mobile SDK supports conversation history. For this, you will need to enable Messaging for your account. 

    - Prakruti

  • Branimir Skarica

    This post is about preserving the message history across sessions. What about preserving the message history for the current session? That doesn't seem to work currently - when I close and reopen the screen (without ending the chat), the messages don't load unless I send a new message. 

  • Rahul Gothwal

    Ok I get it we could use the JWT to store chat history but how do we access it back on Zendesk Chat core API v2 in android.


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