@mention someone even if this user has not yet commented or posted anything

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  • Kasper Sørensen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Nicky Lilja

    Thank you for the feedback. I can see how this may be relevant in some cases, but we are a bit concerned with the privacy implications of making every user @mentionable. There will often times be users in Help Center who are not there to particupate in the community. You can have a Help Center profile simply because you use the request/ticket portal feature for instance. And then getting notifications about community topics could be completely unwanted.

    That's of course something we could fix in other ways. I think that looking forward we need to work on giving users more choices to opt in and out of things like this. So I'm keeping your feedback, but just saying that it's not quite so simple when we have to look out for the many users that all our customers are helping :-)

  • Dj Childs

    I agree with the original poster.  At times, the best resource or SME to reply to an inquiry on a post may not have previously posted or commented in the community.  It would be nice to @mention anyone people at will.

  • Michael Shillingford

    Just to back this one up - Salesforce's community allows you to tag contacts even if they haven't made a post yet. It's up to us as community managers to ensure that the privacy issues are covered in our privacy notices. 

  • Josh


  • Howard Lio

    +1, this is very helpful and necessary when you are trying to recruit and bring champions from one community platform to your new Community home on Gather.


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