Better Community/Gather Triggers

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  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi James - 

    You're correct that users will not receive a notification about their post needing to be approved. 

    For your agents, they can click the "follow" button in the content moderation panel, and then will receive email notifications whenever something needs approval, similar to the notifications for a new post:

  • James Pellizzi

    Thanks Nicole,

    I am currently following the posts requiring approval in that section, however, the delay is horrific. 4+ Hours from post to email notification makes our community forum feel dead. 

    Why not just add similar trigger control to the Gather/Guide toolkit?

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hey James - 

    The infrastructure for triggers doesn't exist in Guide/Gather, (triggers are a feature of Support) so that may be a larger request than it seems on the surface. But, I am not on the product team so I'll let the product managers jump in to speak further to that.

    From a best practice perspective, I generally recommend not setting it so that you have to approve every post, specifically because any delay in posting can make a community feel dead. Instead, I recommend using the keyword spam filter to catch anything you don't want going through without approval. 

    But, whether that's realistic for you will certainly depend on what kind of content your community has, how frequently you've got staff available to check the moderation queues, and how frequently you see posts that need to be moderated coming up. You could also just build an hourly moderation queue check into your team's workflow. 

  • Nicky Lilja

    I agree with Nicole, and here is some info on how we do it. Hope it can help. 

    We use the spam filter as content moderation, meaning that it´s only some of our content that gets caught in the filter and needs to be approved. We do not moderate all posts. 

    We have a "closed" community, so out users needs to login. This could also be why it works for us to not have content moderation on all comments. 

    We have organised it so that product experts are "following" (moderating) their area of expertise. By using the Follow feature. In this way the experts gets a notification (email) when a users has asked a question. 

    As backup, I, as a community manager, is following all sections so that nothing gets missed, but this is more in terms of getting the question answered rather than moderating and approving the content. 

    In this way I do not personally notice any delays in the notifications and comments. 

    Hope this could be of some inspiration, :) 


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