Will Gather unburden our support team in the future?


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  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Peter! 

    Thanks for your great questions. I manage Zendesk's community, and as you can see, we use Gather with a heavily customized theme. I'll share my insights about how we manage things at Zendesk, and will also see if someone from the product team can provide any insights on future development. 

    You have the option to approve all posts before they are published, OR you can set it so all posts go through without approval, while leveraging the keyword moderation function to filter out any nefarious posts. The latter is generally my recommendation, (unless you're in a highly sensitive or private industry,) as your community engagement will be higher (and, as you said, can continue off-hours) if posts go live immediately.  

    Happy to talk more about content moderation practices. 

    You are correct that there is no out of the box integration between Gather and Support. However, several customers have built them by leveraging the API and channel framework, which allows them to have tickets generated automatically from community posts so that their team can manage posts from within the ticket queue. If you have some development resources, this is a possibility for you. 

    Sub-topics and Internationalization
    The sub-topics would definitely be nice. As you can see from our home page, we decided to at least visually group topics, but the use-case for hierarchy is definitely there. 

    As far as localizing for different languages, Gather can do it in the sense that the navigation and words on the site can be localized. But the community content would not be translated. We have created individual topics for specific languages where users who speak those languages can talk to one another. 

    I hope that helps, and am happy to offer any other advice or recommendations that would be useful! 

  • Dimi Baitanciuc

    +1 for Integration

  • Josh

    Zendesk really hasnt developed Gather or added any many features in a long time to the module. Kind of sad, this product could be great with just a little work. Check out insided.com


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