Follow article feature to notify users of article content updates

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  • Gwyn Mabo

    Hi Ryan, appreciate the recommendation!

    However, this isn't an effective strategy for our company.

    We did previously use this strategy, but found that customers weren't easily able to find the most recent update. It also meant our article numbers were inflated throughout the year then needed to be archived in bulk.

    We moved to a 'one article' strategy to allow us to link right to the Change Log from our Help Centre homepage, and so customers could bookmark the article.

  • Molly Exten

    It would be so great to have the option to send notifications on updates to our changelog. I don't want to add each changelog update as a separate post because each update is small and it'd be inconvenient for users to click into each update to find out what happened.

    I'm not sure what is going on with the plans to implement this, but please please please consider prioritizing this!

  • Predz (StarRez Inc.)


    It's rather redundant having the "Follow" button show when Comments are turned off if it actually doesn't do anything.

    Perhaps you can look at hiding the button when Comments are disabled as an alternative.

    If you all do implement notifications on article updates, that should also be a per Article Setting to avoid spamming followers.


  • Ash Divay

    Can we please prioritize this?

  • Koji Shiraishi

    I second this request. We really need this feature. Some of our articles have critical information and updates in the article might be a breaking change to viewers. Viewers would love to subscribe to those articles.

  • Erin Daniels

    Hi Zendesk,
    +1 to prioritizing the "follow article" feature!

    In places like this forum, it make sense to tie notifications to new comments, since updates are communicated through comments. But in a help center context, it's more useful when notifications are triggered by article updates.

    The workaround of "follow a section > unpublish an article in that section > edit the article > republish the article > section followers updated" would technically produce some of the result we're looking for, but it's quite a clunky process. It'd make things more difficult for our busy content writers, and followers would also be notified about other articles in that section that are irrelevant to them.

    Seems like this feature almost got prioritized back in Q4 2022. We'd love to see it revisited in 2024. Thanks!

  • Shawna James
    Community Product Feedback Specialist
    Thank you all for continuing to raise your feedback here. I checked in with our product team and the May 2023 update is still the most up to date; this feature is not being prioritized at this moment. 
    The standing workaround at the moment is to comment on the article any time changes are made so that people who follow it get a notification. We understand this is highly manual and not very scalable, but want to make sure it was communicated in case it fits your needs.
    At this time, we are going to close this article for comment. We have the feedback, use cases and input needed in case we want to revisit this feature in the future. Thank you all again for sharing your thoughts here, for your business with Zendesk, and for being valued Community members. 

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