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  • Tim

    Please focus on FUNCTIONALITY rather than cosmetics.  +1 on this thread!

  • Sergio Seplovich

    +1 Absolutely! This is needed ASAP!

  • Christian Colding


    Thank you that definitely helps in understanding how you would use the ability to publish to multiple sections.

  • Hans Latour


    >> Why do you restrict content so that users can only view content for the product they purchased? Is that because they really shouldn't see it or is it because it just creates a better experience that your end-users don't see content for products they have not purchased?

    Bit difficult to explain. Endusers have tags/labels representing what product(s) they use. Seperate products sometimes do have specific information and it is NOT wanted users see information of other products. 

    >> What is the content of the article you want to share? Why is it the exact same content for these different users who have purchased different products?

    Products do have same instruction in general but have a few differences.

  • Steve Wiseman

    I don't want to repeat but I specifically want to relate to Barry's comment re multibrand, variables and conditional text.

    Zendesk is a great HC but it's not trying to be a full CCMS with all functionality as used by tech writers such as variables, conditional text and reusuable text. 

    A suggested workflow for Barry would be to author in Paligo (cloud-based professional authoring tool) and then click a button to push into Zendesk. You could make your single topic that would then push into the multiple brands/articles that you need with the exact desired output. 

    This takes nothing away from Zendesk. It adds additional functionality. 

    You can get more info, and speak to me here:

  • DAIKIN Airconditioning Germany GmbH

    Yes, this would be very helpful! We'd like the same functionality

    Please go for.

  • Sean

    Very much needed.

  • Omnilert Support

    We would also like to create a nice "Getting Started" section where we link to select articles that are in our more exhaustive help knowledgebase. 

    For now, I plan to make an article full of links, but it would be nice to be able to make special links sections where the links all go to other pre-existing articles elsewhere in the HC. (Perhaps they wouldn't be indexed for search as such because the linked article is indexed instead?)

  • Alex Clausen

    this request has been running for five years, please act on it or reject it if you don't want to do it.
    You, Zendesk, just release re-vamped Helpcenter as "Guide" and it is still not possible.

    We are just starting to us helpcenter/guide need the to be able to publish an article in  two sections.our use-scenario is as follows

    We have a category called "Your solution". With in this category each customer organizations have their own section which is restricted to users from the specifik organization.


    We also have a section created per customer organizations under another category called Internalsupport. These sections are restricted to agents. In this section are internal support articles that our agents need to support the customers but we don't want the end-users to see.


    However we do have articles that is relevant for agents and end-user. We therefor NEED to be able to have articles listed under two or more sections with different restriction level

  • BibHub

    +1 here.  Is this on the roadmap?



  • Doug Begle

    Folks, it just ain't gonna happen. Five years is clear evidence that they don't see any value in it and they're not going to do anything within our lifespans. If they had wanted to do it, they would have. Instead they challenge people's use case descriptions and make vague promises. Some things about ZD are pretty cool, but this is a basic requirement for any modern help system, and its absence is simply not acceptable. However, I did notice lots of new icons and stuff, so there's that...  Face it - they're just not into you. 

  • Sans Montecillo

    +1 - Any plans on adding this soon? :)

  • Jessica Barfield

    I've been watching these types of threads for quite some time. I have to say I am utterly disappointed in ZenDesk and their short-sighted attitude on this specific subject. I currently work for a small company, but our Help Center is growing exponentially on a daily basis. Because of this there are articles that need to be displayed in multiple areas without requiring me to remake them. This is a huge no-no. I shouldn't have to duplicate my work in order to work around the short-comings of the platform I'm using. 


    The most recent release of the Guide Feature was utterly useless. It hasn't assisted me in managing my help center in the slightest. What people really want and need has been systematically and historically ignored. I find this to be an stunted business approach and would strongly urge ZenDesk to reevaluate their priorities. 


    This is a feature that many of us NEED. It's not a want. 


    Furthermore, the way we've been led on for years about this feature is unbecoming. It is either something that will be done or will not. I think many of us would appreciate a direct yes or no instead of the generic roadmap answer. 


    Please, please give us what we need. 

  • Debbie van Cleef

    Hear hear @Jessica Barfield! I wish i could vote more than once on your comment.

  • Erik Wikstrom

    Really need this one!

  • George

    Come on guys, this seems like a no brainer! 

    How many more pages of people asking for this seemingly simple/basic feature will it take before it gets taken seriously and implemented? We are in the process of testing out Zendesk and honestly this forum has put me off the product quite a bit. I don't expect that every user requested feature be implemented immediately but the lack of communication from zendesk about this feature, and the number of years its been asked for, is highly alarming. 

  • Emily

    I would also love this feature. It would save me a huge amount of time and hassle. 


    Without it I'll have to manually duplicate articles, and then maintain both when future changes are made. 

  • Lenette Grewal

    Yes, please.

    Very much needed

  • Sue Armstrong

    Voting with our feet I'm afraid...

  • James O'Donnell

    How is this not already a feature? And with the addition of Answer Bot, duplicated articles in multiple sections will all appear in auto-responses to tickets... That'll just look unprofessional...

  • Greg Pope

    "And with the addition of Answer Bot, duplicated articles in multiple sections will all appear in auto-responses to tickets... That'll just look unprofessional...:

    This is our concern, (dude).

  • Robert Bogar

    Yup, this is needed!

  • Katie Yoder

    Pretty pretty PLEASE!  There is a lot of overlap between our programs and duplicating articles is becoming a large burden on our staff.

  • Hans Latour

    So many requests for a feature. I contacted my accountmanager, he made inquirements to the development department  of Zendesk and the answer was that it is NOT even on the roadmap. Unbelievable that they don't listen to the wishes of their customers. 

  • Doug Begle


  • Colin

    Add another one for this, crazy that i have to build the same article multiple time. I must admit, its enough to put me off Zendesk and I moved to Zendesk from another product due to daft things like this.

    Doug - you never know, we are releasing a feature that people have been asking for, which has been requested for almost 5 years on our product....anything is possible.

  • Dennis Claes

    +1 I have multiple section in a "HOW TO" category.  There are things like "blacklisting" that apply to several sections, I don't know where to put it now.  I have about 12 sections in that category.  I don't want to copy paste the article to multiple sections.  It's time consuming and difficult to maintain over time.  I also don't want to work with links to the original article, because it will add another click (=> friction) for the user and it is not expected behavior or professionally looking;

  • Karen Schneider

    I agree. I really want/need this feature!!

  • Owen Skarpness

    +1 request: would be nice for common articles that cover multiple products to live in multiple categories, rather than having to duplicate and update everything twice.

  • Arno N

    Hi Zendesk, this feature has been requested already in 2015 and there is wide support from different users that would like to see this feature to be developed.

    Could you please implement this?!


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