Dashboards should not always be in edit mode


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  • Andrew Forbes
    Zendesk Product Marketing

    Hey Magnus - 


    Thanks for flagging this - agreed, in the current iteration, it is a little confusing.


    To open the dashboard in viewer mode you can click the ellipsis and then "Open"

    Let me know if this helps with your request!


  • Magnus Palm

    Thanks, Andrew. Not very intuitive but it helps for now at least. :-)

  • Andrew Soderberg
    Community Moderator

    The default should be to 'Open' the Dashboard and the option in the drop-down to be Edit.

  • Vincent Dollet

    Hi there,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Fyi, we are in the process of changing the navigation:

    • Clicking on a published dashboard without any pending changes will open the dashboard in "view" mode
    • Clicking on a dashboard with pending unpublished changes will open the dashboard in "preview" mode, so that editors can look at the "work in progress"
    • We'll be surfacing the "Edit" action as a secondary action

    This should reach production in the coming weeks.

    Kind regards


  • Andrew Soderberg
    Community Moderator

    Excellent! Looking forward to this.

  • Janis Polis


    Is there any way how to get rid of the unpublished changes in editor? I mean, I have a working very complicated dashboard, but have completely messed up the layout while editing. While I have not published the changes, I can no longer edit anything, because it will just always open the mess I made before. There should be an option to discard the changes in editor.

  • Ayal Kellman


    Is there any way to unpublish certain changes? 

    I've been working on a dashboard and making changes as I go that weren't complete. I accidentally published them before I could complete the changes and announce them to the dashboard users. 

    Is there any way for me to roll back the published version a few days?


  • Kyle Jones
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hey there Ayal,

    Unfortunately, at this time there isn't a way to undo or rollback the changes within the Explore once you've published that dashboard. When you add the appropriate changes this should send another email with the appropriate Dashboard, which isn't exactly a solution, but they'll have the updated Dashboard as a newer email.

    I'm very sorry for the inconvenience here,


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