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  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator
    The Product Manager Whisperer - 2021

    Hi Titilade Alabi,

    How do you connect Zendesk with the rest of your tech stack?

    Generally we look for native integrations, for example SFDC offers a connector with Zendesk. If the native connectors don't meet our needs, we look on the app marketplace.

    How do you find/ choose the Zendesk apps you are using?

    I find them on the Zendesk app marketplace and research each one that pertains to my use case (if there are multiple).

    What were the most important criteria for you when deciding to use an app? (price, functionality, tutorials, etc.)

    I think functionality is number one, but a free app will almost always win if it's a new-ish need that I want to evaluate.  That said, even free apps have to go through a thorough review from a security and privacy perspective, so the author's documentation and engagement is highly valuable.  If a free app won't do it, I'll look through the paid apps to see which one meets the needs best.  I have to be able to make a business case, so if the price is too high it can disqualify itself. 

    I do think tutorials are necessary for an app that's not self-explanatory or one that has multiple options for setup.  I am fine with documentation rather than video, especially if the documentation has screenshots.

    Hope this helps someone!



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