[Zendesk Support API] How to get the types of the fields properly?


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  • McCabe Tonna

    I'm not sure I follow

    What do you see when you enter yourzendesksite.com/api/v2/ticket_fields.json ?

    And what are you expecting to see



  • felipe castro

    Please, take a look at the following fields.

    The first one is a system field. The field name is "Assignee" and the type is "assignee'.

    The second one is a custom field. The field name is "Numeric-test" and the type is "integer" (makes much more sense).

    I was expecting to have any of these following types associated to the field:

  • felipe castro

    The other point is related to the amount of fields retrieved by Ticket Fields API. I get that it only retrieves the fields used on forms. But is there any way for me to get all the searchable fields (https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/203663206#topic_cw3_lb3_mv) of a ticket via API?

  • McCabe Tonna

    The default fields type follow their title

    Subject = subject, description = description, status = status, group = group.. etc

    All custom fields follow those field types listed above.

    Do you have an example of something you'd want to search for?



  • Bryan Flynn

    Hi Felipe. GET /api/v2/ticket_fields.json will return all ticket fields in your instance regardless of what Ticket Form they're used on. As for searching, the link you gave is the best reference for what is searchable.

    If you're looking for the ability to search a specific custom field, the 'fieldvalue:' option is the closest there is. It searches all custom fields, however -- you can't currently search only a specific custom field. This is a very popular feature request that has yet to be implemented. Hope this helps move you forward.

    PS -- Also thanks McCabe as well for the above answer!


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