How do I remove the full thread from each response?

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  • McCabe Tonna

    HI Laura,

    In your triggers, swap the placeholders that state {{ticket.public_comments_formatted}} to {{ticket.latest_public_comment_formatted}}

    I believe that will solve your issue.

    Also, I highly recommend testing this before fully rolling this out to your customers. 

    Hope this helps.



  • Tamara Tankosić

    I am checking to see if this is the only fix to this issue? As it doesn't seem like anyone was sure this would work.


    I agree that the thread gets too long and too confusing to read on Zendesk. I wanted to simplify this for our clients but unsure as to how?

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hey Tamara,

    If you use the ticket.latest_public_comment_formatted that should show the most recent response in the ticket. You can check out our placeholder reference for more information on what each placeholder does.

    Hope this helps!

  • Christian Wisseh

    I tried the solution above and it creates a new problem. People receive individual emails for each response. Ideally, it would work like email and the individual responses would stack and form a thread in the email client as well.

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hey Christian,

    It looks like this is expected behavior and I'm not able to track down an alternative solution for you at this time. It may be possible to format this to look similar to regular emails with some liquid markup, but that's not something we're able to assist with on our end.

    I'll leave this post active in case other users can provide some additional guidance for you.


  • Daniël Nieuwendijk

    @... should understand your comment that if you follow the advice given to use ticket.latest_public_comment_formatted, Google doesn't group the separate e-mail messages as one conversation anymore?

  • AJ Hong

    Same question as Daniel

  • MMZ

    Brett's response works very well for me.  All to/from responses are threaded in Gmail.

    One idea I have is that Christian may have another rule which changes the subject with every response.  That will definitely create a new thread in Gmail.

  • Daniël Nieuwendijk

    Yes. We went ahead with it after testing, and I can confirm that Brett's answer leads to the expected result.

  • Reda

    Hi guys, I'd like to upvote this suggestion.

    The workaround mentioned would only create more confusion as it will remove context, without the workaround people would add things up together & figure out what happened when they see all the comments. But it is not the best experience.

    What I believe is happening is that when someone is using Outlook/Gmail or an external tool to reply using email instead of the Web form, Zendesk doesn't always recognize where that last comment ended and just adds the thread with it's previous replies into the comment.


  • Antony Ramon

    Hi everyone,

    I've reached out to Zendesk support about a similar issue, and I was redirected here.

    Ahmad, when you say in your previous comment right above that "Zendesk doesn't always recognize where that last comment ended and just adds the thread with it's previous replies into the comment.", I actually think Zendesk never recognizes it. Am I the only one feeling that way? I never saw a ticket being reopened without it displaying the Support officer's previous answer.

    My issue is:

    • I want to send the end-user the entire thread (of public comments only, of course) to the customer each time we reply. That way, the end-user will not have to go check other emails (extremely painful, especially on mobile) to remember what s.he wrote before, or even the Support's previous answers.
    • If I do this, then it will be a nightmare in Zendesk, because anytime a customer reopens a ticket, then the entire history will be shown, and it will be a real problem for support officers. If it happens once in a while because the end-user works on an old or poorly coded email client, then fine, but if it happens every time (as it is today in my opinion), then I just can't consider it.

    I am really surprised this is not possible today.

    Any ideas?



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