OAuth App Receiving 401 Error

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  • Samer Kokeh

    I have the same problem, did you find a solution ?
    Thank you,


  • Taylor Artunian

    I think what ended up making it work for me was setting the OAuth scope to:

    openid offline_access https://[your_subdomain].crm.dynamics.com/user_impersonation

  • Samer Kokeh

    Thank you for information Taylor, just I want to make sure if you put the call back url on azure active directory as  https://zis.zendesk.com/api/services/zis/connections/oauth/callback

    because i always receive 422 error 
    "Proxy error: {:code=>\"UnprocessableEntity\", :status=>\"422\", :title=>\"Unprocessable Entity\", :message=>\"Failed to get installation and oauth information for app.\"}"

    I think i did everything well, it's really strange.

  • Taylor Artunian

    That is the same callback url that I used in Azure. I also set it as Web platform (not single-page) and enabled Access tokens (not ID tokens).

    I remember getting the 422 error, but I just can't remember what caused it.

  • Samer Kokeh

    Thank you Taylor, I've solved the problem.
    Mainly to test your OAuth settings, you have to install the app. because OAuth settings can't be test during the design. 
    BTW, I used following parameters, it didn't work with me with type: oauth.

    "parameters": [
                "name": "token",
                "type": "text",
                "secure": true,
                "required": true

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