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    Lisa Tam
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey all, button links have been released. 

    You can now add button links to message steps and carousel in your answer flow so end users who click on the button can be redirected to an external link, such as a different knowledge base or another page within the current website.  For more information, please visit this help centre article.

    Thank you all for your feedback and patience. If you have any other feedback on this feature or the product, please continue to share it with us to help us improve our products. 

  • Lisa Tam
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Morgan,

    Thank you for the feedback and sharing your use case. I agree having a link to third-party resources will help improve the end-user experience and this is something we are looking to support this year in H2. 

  • +1 :)

    Just to be clear, steps in Flowbuilder don't recognise links at all? Not even for example?

    The end user would need to copy the url address and paste into a browser? They can't simply click the link?

    Just testing and I can't seem to get it to work so assuming links aren't supported at all?

    I have a customer wanting to build a flow where the final step is to download some firmware from a third party site. eg: "Download here" - or a simple raw clickable link would work as well eg:

    The only 'workaround' (if you can call it that) is to have the next step push the customer to an article that contains the Firmware link(s).

    Not sure if there is another way around this if links aren't supported.


  • Minh Phan


    Is there any update for this issue? When will this feature be available?

  • James Molina

    Hi Team, is there an update on this enhancement?  Is there an EAP?  When can we expect this to be available?

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi James, there's no update at this time. Active betas can be found here: Current and upcoming Zendesk betas
  • Matthias Miltenberger

    Properly working links would make the bot way more useful.

  • Cheyenne Trommels - Oorebeek

    +1, need this!

  • Jaap Meijer

    +1, looks like a 5-minutes job to me, wonder why they hesitate to implement this. Everyone will need this, for e.g. referring to complaint- / order forms etc

  • Alexan

    +1000. The current botflow configuration is so limited.
    We'd need a botflow option to add a step option as a link, and also option to add a step to go back to 1st flow (main menu)

  • Gabriel Ortiz

    Just checking in to see if there are any updates on this. Eagerly waiting for this to be supported. 


  • Carla Jara

    Hi team what is the status of this? Are we able to use links in answerbot? 

  • Sean Shiu


    I've been following this topic for a long time.

    but didnt getting a positive response,that make me disappointed.

    the go back flow and setting a link in answer are both the basic funtion.

    We eagerly hope to see this update soon.


  • Shiyu Zhu
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey folks, Shiyu from the Flow Builder Product team. Thanks for all your feedback in regards to supporting links, this is something that the teams are working on right now. We are hoping to make this available in the next few months. Thanks



    Essa função é extremamente importante em um fluxo de atendimento. Temos alguma previsão de quando essa funcionalidade estará disponível?

  • Makoto Mukai

    We've just started using Zendesk recently, and are eager to insert links on bot chat messages. Your earliest updating would be much appreciated. Thanking you in advance.

  • Tim (inactive account)


    Currently I am working on a flow that should allow the customer to find their answers and/or fix the issues they have themselves for a large part.

    I am working towards a single source of truth system where we refer to our website instead of copy/paste the info to the guide (I refer to the website in the guide aswell). Examples of this are the cookie policy, terms and conditions but also our "warranty explained" topic. 

    Not being able to use hyperlinks for customers to click on is making this really difficult.

    I have the following options:

    1. I have to paste all the info in the bot which is not an option when it is a rather long message. (which they all are)

    2. The other option is that I create an article... often multiple articles needed... and there goes my single source of truth :(

    3. Another options is to forward the customer to an article in the guide where we forward the customer to the website. 

    4. let the customer type the link...

    1, 3 and 4 are really customer unfriendly! and option 2 is really bad from a company perspective.

    Is this something that can be fixed? Or is there a workaround that I am overlooking? 


    edit: Another issue I ran into is that we have an instruction video on how to repair a torch, we can not link to the video now.

  • Sarah

    Hi, we are currently trialing Zendesk messaging and have found the lack of hyperlink capability to be a potential issue for us using the software long term. Are you able to confirm if and when this feature might be available?

  • Michelle Z.

    Shiyu Zhu, you quoted a few months at the beginning of September for an anticipated release. Please share an updated timeline of when we can expect this to become available. Thank you!

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Everyone,
    I have checked our roadmap and have noticed that button links will tentatively be added at the end of Q4. Rich text and inline links are planned for 2023. 

    Let's just wait patiently for the update from our Product manager.
  • Stan Nsky

    Any progress on this? 

  • Jorge Navaridas

    Pues se supone que ya tendría que estar disponible, según vuestra hoja de ruta....

  • Tim (inactive account)

    That is awesome Lisa! Thanks for the update

  • Tim (inactive account)

    Lisa Tam the link to the help centre article is not working

  • Jeremy Watkin

    I came to this article looking for a solution to shorten help center links that our agents share during messaging conversations. Even when we respond by email, the help center links with tracking information are obscenely long. Not sure button links help with that, right?

  • Ronit Gieske

    This has been in queue for at least 5 years. Any updates Zendesk?  

  • Tim (inactive account)

    Ronit Gieske they added something a couple of releases back. Have you tried that? It does the job for me.

  • Bonnie Minnamon

    The way links work in messaging is clunky and ugly. It's nice that they are editable in email now, but when can we expect to edit links in Messenger and not send the entire link? for a help center link is way too long we should be able to shorten it How to request a refund

    There is no way for an agent to send the "buttons" during a chat, so once they are with a live agent, they cannot cleanly send the user any links, even to help center articles.

  • Alan Pugh

    Rich text and inline links are planned for 2023. 

    Any update on this?


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