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  • Bri Fitzgerald
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hey Clara! I'm grateful for your patience. Currently there's no way to lock a topic, but I agree that would be a useful feature. I did find a Feature Request from another Zendesk user Request: Add the ability to lock a topic from being used to create posts. If you have a moment, I would recommend upvoting and following that post, and adding a comment to express your interest.
  • fkrugerx

    Refer Restrict end users from posting to certain topics – Zendesk help.

    Note that I am not the original author of that post.

    You can modify new_community_post_page.hbs to do this.

    The only issue then is that when the topic in question is displayed, there is still a New post button. I'm trying to find out if there is a way of disabling or removing that button.

                <div class="form-field {{#required 'topic'}}required{{/required}}">
                  {{#required 'topic'}}
                    {{label 'topic'}}
                    {{#label 'topic'}}
                      {{t 'topic_label'}}<span class="optional">({{t 'optional'}})</span>
                <!-- Add this snippet to hide a topic from the topic dropdown on the 'New post' page. You need to use the relevant index number -->
                  {{#if signed_in}}
                    .nesty-panel li:nth-child(4) {
                    display: none;

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