Scheduled delivery is deleted when author is changed to end-user

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  • Dave Dyson
    Thanks for this feedback, AJ!
  • WRO Jacuk-Zurak, Marta


    I totally agree with this feedback. We have multiple dashboards that are delivered to the finance team. Some dashboards are automatically processed by scripts for further work.

    In this case, if an admin sets schedules and leaves the company, our financial reports and further automatic jobs fail until we found the issue and fix it.

    It would be nice if the scheduled deliveries are not assigned to the specific creator (Admin), but to the Zendesk Account (the company in general).


  • David Smedberg

    Thanks very much for writing this, AJ.

    1. As an Admin, use this API endpoint to call the list of scheduled deliveries for the instance. https://{{subdomain}}

    I am having trouble finding the documentation for this endpoint. Can anyone point me in the right direction? It doesn't even include the 


    section the URI which I am used to seeing.


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