WYSIWYG guide editor reformats article fonts with <span> tags


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  • Sam

    Hi Zen Master Of Terra!

    When writing your articles, are you copying the text from another platform (like Google Docs) and then pasting it into the WYSIWYG editor? That may be the root of the issue. 

    I've tested these scenarios to see if it would add a <span> tag:

    • Enter text directly into the editor: No additional <span> tags
    • Copied text from Microsoft Word: No additional <span> tags
    • Copied text from Google Doc: <span> tags added (and specifically, the <span style="font-weight: 400;"> tag)
    • Copied text from TextEdit (on a Mac): No additional <span> tags, but there isclass added to the <p> tag

    If the above applies to you, I'd try changing up where you are copying your text from to see if that helps!

  • Allie Cliffe

    We do indeed use Google docs to copy/paste content into Zendesk, so I have no doubt you are right that's the issue. Thanks for the heads up and we will see if we can find a workaround for this. 


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