[Explore] How to report on which agent breached FRT SLA


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  • Ahmed Zaid
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    In my experience, this is not possible. Explore does not allow combining datasets (SLAs and Ticket History). You may need a complex excel report that can fetch data directly from tickets API.

  • Mitchell Lewsey
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    Hi Ahmed,


    Thank you for response. I also raised a query with the Zendesk support team and they've confirmed it is not possible which I found quite surprising. Thank you for the Excel and API suggestion.

  • Daniel Velasque

    Hello Mitchell,
    This information you need if Zendesk does not provide it, you should generate it yourself.
    How do you do it?
    Create a series of ticket fields to contain the information you need (example: group at expiration, assigned agent, etc)
    Create an automation that controls the type of expiration of the SLA that you need (in your case the time of first attention).
    In this automation you must fill in the fields that you have created via a webhook that invokes the zendesk api, and in the json of that call pass the corresponding placeholders (example: {{ticket.group.name}}, {{ticket. via}}, {{ticket.assignee.name}} etc)
    When the authentication is true, it will be executed and will register those values in the ticket.
    Then it will be up to you to make the report by consulting those fields and you will get what you are looking for (assigned group, assigned agent, etc. the exact moment it happened)
    Tell me if you can do it.


  • Mitchell Lewsey
    Zendesk Luminary

    Hi Daniel,

    That's super, thank you very much.


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