Enable end-users to view all their multibrand requests on a single Help Center

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  • Alan

    +1. We sometimes get requests from confused customers who submit a request on one brand, then later look at their My Activities page on another of our brands and don't understand why the ticket is not visible there.

  • Ulises Soto

    +1 We have several brands where customers submit requests. It would be great if they can see all their requests from different brands on one page without having to go to a new URL. Or at least enable the option for end-users that agents have to switch between brands in the help center:

    Logged in Agent:

     Logged in End-user:

  • Jiri Fait

    Definitely +1 from us. We have over 20 brands and would really appreciate this.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Thanks for posting this feedback, Nicolas, and for using the product feedback template. 

    If other users have similar needs, please up-vote Nicolas' post, and add any details in the comments below. 

  • Tim Barrett

    We have pretty much the same use case as Nicolas, in order to create a clear user journey we do not want to create a massive list of forms, so we are using brands to make the end user and agent experience easier to manage. This creates the problem that then end user does not have a page where they can see all their queries in one place. 


    I am assuming we could do something via API, but is a shame we can't do something in Markup to filter (or not) queries by brand. 

  • Shana Blackstone

    Does anyone know if there is a 3rd party app in the Zendesk Marketplace that would accomplish this? While I'd rather have this addressed by Zendesk, this is now the one issue holding us back from going multibrand. I'd be interested in trying a 3rd party app in the meantime. 

    We offer 30+ applications that span across a diverse group of customers. Many of those customers use a wide range of our applications. We want to go multibrand to support catering our help centers to what a user would need to see and not clutter the main page with information not pertinent to every customer. But we know customers will complain if they have to go to multiple help centers to see all of their activities. 

  • Tom

    Our company provides an integrated suite of 10+ products to a customer base of roughly 90,000. Most customers have at least 2 or more. Each individual product requires its own unique ZD Guide instance for the best search results, chatbot setup, etc.

    As stated, multiple guide instances only allow you to see tickets "per-product." 

    However, since the products integrate, ticket responses often reference different products and steps to take in each for best practice. 

    This is a 'confusion point' for our customer base and the ability to see all tickets in one centralized location would be a HUGE win for creating a more frictionless experience. 

    Feel free to reach out personally should wish. Having worked in SaaS & CX for 15 years in a multi-product environment, I'd love to explain or even 'put my own foot to the plow' :)

  • Alvaro del Río

    +1 This feature is key for us to be able to provide a seamless experience to our customers.

    So far I am trying to get it done through AJAX requests to the API on the very HC, but end users don't have access to /search or /ticket endpoints, only to /requests, which has the same brand limitation.
    Has anyone tried to call the /requests endpoint of the API of another Brand? I am trying different auth methods with no luck.

  • Joey

    We have the same issue as Tom, our customers have multiple products (Brands) and thus they can't see all their tickets in a single place. This is also why we don't communicate this functionality to our customers as it will just confuse them.

  • Gorka Cardona-Lauridsen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Nicolas Monchaux thank you for your feedback!

    At the moment we don't have this functionality on the roadmap, but we have noted it and are keeping an eye on this post and other feedback around this same issue to feed it in to our prioritisation process.

    Please upvote and add comments about your use case for this functionality,


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