URL link in export to CSV or XLS after "drill-in"


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  • Ronald

    So essentially you need a way to populate a custom ticket field with the ticket's Support URL without using the {{ticket.id}} placeholder.

    One thought I had was you could use a webhook request to put the ticket's URL into your custom ticket URL field. However, as far as I can tell, there is no way to retrieve that value from the tickets API. But rather the only URL you'd be able to put into your custom URL field with a webhook and JSON payload would be the API URL like: https://userdomain.zendesk.com/api/v2/tickets/123456.json which would not allow a user to load the ticket in the Support UI when clicked through.

    The other idea I can offer, which is something I've actually done quite a lot myself, is to use the CONCATENATE Excel/Google sheets function. You can drill in on Ticket ID and export a CSV with the list of ticket ID's. And then in the resulting CSV file you can add a column to the left of the column with the Ticket IDs and put the first part of the ticket's URL: https://userdomain.zendesk.com/agent/tickets/

    And then in the column to the right of the ticket IDs use the CONCAT function to combine the strings in Columns A & B. The resulting string in Column C will be the entire ticket URL which is clickable in the sheet and will load the ticket in the Support UI.

    I'm not sure if this completely addresses your scenario, and it is a bit of manual work, but this is a workaround I've used quite a bit myself in what sounds like a similar use case.

    I wish Zendesk still had the ticket URL as a drill in value option. This was something I found quite handy in Insights. You could generate a report with ticket URLs which were clickable from directly within the reporting interface. I don't believe this functionality is present any longer in Explore as the closest I've seen is the Ticket ID value in the drill in/decompose options.

  • Dave Dyson
    Thanks for the additional feedback and your proposed workaround, Rich!
  • Serge Mucibabic

    Thank you Roland for your input.

  • Serge Mucibabic


    Such concatenated cell doesn't seem to be clickable as a hyperlink in xls (even though it displays nicely as url text).

    Is it in your case and if so how did you get it clickable?

    Thanks for sharing your workaround ideas!

  • Ronald

    Hi Serge Mucibabic!

    I guess I hadn't ever tried this in Excel because I'm running into this same issue trying it out now.

    It seems like even with the proper "autocorrect" settings Excel will only create a clickable link when typing the URL text directly in the text entry area at the top and submitting "Enter"/"Return" button. When I paste a full URL directly into an Excel sheet's cell the link isn't clickable. I have to paste it into the text entry thing at the top for it to render as a clickable link. So it seems this has more to do with the way Excel treats links than it does the constructed nature of the link.

    I've been using Google Sheets at work more out of necessity than anything else but for this particular thing it seems Google Sheets is actually preferable. Maybe somebody with more experience in Excel can tell us if there's a way to get links in Excel to function more like they do in Google Sheets. 

  • Serge Mucibabic

    Hi Ronald,

    You can copy entire concatenated column and "paste values (V)" right over it, or in a new column.

    That results in clickable hyperlinks, but only after double-clicking on each cell once.

    Unfortunately, it is too many manual steps as workaround for the feature that works well for exporting views in Support Suite. Zendesk could easily address this by adopting the same s/w routine for csv export.

    Perhaps Dave can tell us when to expect this to be addressed.

    Thank you!

  • Serge Mucibabic

    A Zendesk Help Center agent suggested to try a calculated attribute so I did.

    I created the "Ticket Link" calculated attribute with the following line:

    LINK("https://userdomain.zendesk.com/agent/tickets/"+[Ticket ID], [Ticket ID])

    It works well within Explore resulting in a clickable hyperlink.

    However, if I export such a report to xls or csv the "Ticket Link" cell is populated by "<a href="https://kautexinchelp.zendesk.com/agent/tickets/103037" target="_blank" style="color: inherit">103037</a>".

    So it does not work for what we need it. I can only share exported xls files with customers, not the reports in Explore.

  • CJ Johnson

    Insights used to have clickable links in download reports and I miss this feature all the time. I would love for any report with a ticket id, to download that report with the ticket ID as a functional hyperlink. 

  • Ronald

    Serge Mucibabic Thanks for sharing the support response with the calculated attribute for clickable ticket links in the Explore interface. That will surely come in handy.

    But I'm sorry to hear it hasn't helped you address your original issue of trying to generate an Excel sheet with clickable links. 🙁


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