SLACK Created Tickets -Group Selection Visibility Limitation

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  • Sean Bourke
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Richard Forbes (Leaver),

    Thanks for your feedback. While we don't support the ability to customise the Slack ticket form (or the contents within it) today, you may be able to use the created_from_slack tag and Zendesk triggers to identify circumstances where a user has created a Zendesk ticket from Slack and assign it to a different group.

    A sample Trigger for this may look like:

  • Richard Forbes (Leaver)

    This is helpful and how I am currently working around the limitation, but it creates a fair bit of admin when you introduce new groups, and without the other forms questions to whittle down the requestor's ticket, I just have to force these into general (1st line) triage, when they are probably trying to select second line specific groups for a reason, bumping user back to 1st line general or 1st line for the specialist groups does create a false expectation in SLACK.


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