Messaging Agent Transfer Experience Needs Improvement

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  • Harper Dane

    we should be able to push a message to users still waiting/unserved after a period of time (this is not possible with current trigger options in chat settings).


    This has been our #1 pain point with Messaging from day 1. The workaround ZD Support recommends (using Legacy Chat triggers) does not work; those triggers fire on a timer, whether an agent picks up the Messaging thread or not. This means an agent could connect and start typing, but before the agent can send their message, the customer receives an automated "no one is available." That's a pretty poor UX.

    We need a real solution, purpose-built for Messaging. 

  • laura abraham


    We have the exact same problem. I also mentioned it in a different community thread a couple of month ago.

    We would like to send a message to our customer, when the department that we transfer him to, is offline. Right now, it's not possible to do that with the current chat triggers.


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