Filter search results in Help Center and community by date

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  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Joel, 

    What date would you want it to filter on? When it was originally posted, when it was last updated, or when the most recent comment was made? 

  • Joel Hellman

    Thanks Nicole. Actually how search works confuses me a little.

    It seems the search matches content in articles and original topic posts, as well as article and topic comments.

    However search result only ever returns articles/post, even search term matched e.g. both an article/post body, and one or more comments inside the same. E.g. if you your search terms matched several times on a post, like both an article and 2 comments, you'll just get a single search hit presented. I guess that explains why sometimes where I know there was a comment on a page with many comments (multiple pages), I have trouble finding it. 

    I was originally thinking the date filter would be for the creation date, but then I was kind of thinking that each search result directly linked to the content where search matched, but that's incorrect, I guess. 

    It's a bit hard to find one clear solution what date to filter by, results are aggregated and and different parts of the aggregation have different times stamps. I think a single date filter field would be confusing in that case.

    If each match was presented, creation date of that content would be the thing to filter against. But based on how it works now, I would need the option to choose from those 3 dates you list, what of them to filter against. Otherwise, I wouldn't know what I'm filtering against, and I can see use cases for all 3 types of searches.

    If I would rank them, I guess when it was last updated is the least interesting. And if things like upvotes/downvotes still updates the update date (I think you've fixed that though, but not sure), I don't want the last updated filter, it would be meaningless to me. 

    As for the last comment, that would only be relevant for the last creared comment that matched the search term, not just the last comment on a post where search term matched the post or another comment on it, but where the last comment itself didn't match the search term. Hope that makes sense. 

  • Joel Hellman

    Thinking a bit more about it, I don't think I want to filter against single of the suggestions. I want my date to apply to whatever content matched my search term. 

    So if I restrict the date to 0-6 months, and if the article/post was created within 6 months, include it in search result. If it didn't match, but a comment matching the search was created within 6 months, also include it. I feel updates (probably only applies to posts/articles) are hard, especially on articles that are long. Community posts doesn't seem to be updated that often either. Maybe ignore last updated. This reasoning would end up with a single date range though, I guess. It makes sense now when I write it, but I'm not sure honstely if I would remember how i was supposed to work in a few months. But I think it would be helpful to exlude some results I know are not relevant. 


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