Content block ability to use html attributes and to nest elements

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  • Libby Tooke-Mitchell

    I am also trying to add formatting such as accordions to my content blocks and it won't let me. 
    While it's great that the exist and I seem not to have to enable them on every article individually any more it would be better if they could support some more formatting options such as callouts, accordions, button links and formatted tables. 

  • Grace K

    I'm also running into this issue. Some of the content we want to make into content blocks uses HTML tags like <span> that get stripped out of the content block editor.

  • Katarzyna Karpinska
    Zendesk Product Manager

    While it is true that the content block's editor does not allow for as many HTML tags as article one we plan to balance it in the future by providing more out-of-the-box advanced HTML components. tables are first in line.

  • Alan Blair

    Katarzyna Karpinska Fantastic news!  The lack of table support has been a real barrier to us implementing content blocks.  

    Code support for blockquotes would also be amazing as we use these to highlight important points, etc, with the styles being delivered through class declarations in styles.css file.

  • Lyn Thompson


    Is there any updates as to when we can have tables added? Also, it would be great if we could use CSS classes to format the articles rendering. (For example, we use lightbox code to make our images clickable.)


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