Limitation of 200 tickets linked to a Jira issue.

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  • Mike Konstantin

    Naghash Baghdasaryan,

    That seems like a lot of tickets for a single Jira issue; Out of curiosity, could you provide an example scenario where this would be feasible?

    I ask, as my company handles a ton of Feature and Issue requests that are submitted to Jira. The way we handle those is by ensuring our tickets are associated with a single Jira Issue, and all the Issues are linked to a single Epic. Granted, we did some tweaking using a 3rd party integration tool (i.e. Workato), but with this configuration, we are able to have the Jira Epic updated in the main Comment section, and that gets pushed down to all Jira Issues, which in-turn updates (with a Private comment) all our associated Zendesk tickets. This same configuration provides a way for the individual Jira Issues to be updated, in case a select few customers continue needing some action taken, when others do not.


  • Dan R.
    Community Moderator

    Depending on the org size and how JIRA is used, 200 tickets can be reached quickly. 

    We had agents link customer tickets to JIRA issues filed for outage events so we could measure the impact of an outage on support. Bad outages could reach up in the 6-800 range within an hour or so, if a critical service (ex: auth, payments etc.) went down.

    Our work around was to create overflow issues in JIRA linked to the parent issue - it was up to support leads to monitor and create them as needed.


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