Submit a Request form from a mobile app

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  • Amie Brennan

    Hey Chuck Fitzpatrick

    First, you need to have the ticket form ready inside your Zendesk which customers will use to submit via. 

    Second, you'll need to look at utilising the Zendesk mobile SDK to add a Zendesk ticket form (submit a request) inside your app. The ticket form option is available utilising the Classic Web Widget SDKs in your app. I've added the link below. - In particular, the Support SDK is the one which adds the form into your app. 

    Adding the form into your app, is the same form inside your Zendesk - they are one and the same. You're just implementing the form functionality to work inside your app so users don't have to submit via email or webpage etc like they currently might be doing.

    Hope this helps. :)


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