syncing users into the correct organization based on azure AD information.


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  • James Hanley
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Daniel,

    There might be a more knowledgable member of the community, or the Zendesk product team, on the Azure integration. I will focus on the automatic adding of users to organizations part of your question.

    Zendesk allows you to automatically add a user to an organization based on the email domain of the user. Unfortunately, I don't think this will immediately address your need, unless all the users of a property shared an email address of the same domain. If this were the case, you could use the domain capability to achieve your outcome.

    I hope this helps, at least a little bit.


  • Daniel Yanez


    This definitely clarifies the questions I had in regard to auto adding users to groups. Like you said it doesn't necessarily help my case but it does give me good insight into how ZD does it. All of our users have the same email domain so I will just have to manually change what group they are in once I've auto added them to a group with the domain we use. Or figure out a more productive way to do this. Thanks for your input.


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