Ring Central Agent permissions issue

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  • Greg Katechis
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy

    Hi Michelle! I totally understand the frustration when getting bounced around from one place to another. I wish we could offer some support in this situation, however the RingCentral integration is just not something that we have any way to support. We don't make the app or the underlying product, so troubleshooting it is outside of our skillset. Is there anything that the support team at RingCentral said was specific to a Zendesk issue?

  • Michelle Jacob

    Yes, RingCentral said that the error pop up about the agent not having permissions had to be something behind the scenes in Zendesk.  I checked the agent roles and all were the same.  I don't see anywhere to change permissions.  They checked everything in ring central and the problem is not there.  I also had our IT team check the agents desktop settings and browser settings.


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