How to redirect to my app UI (in Zendesk platform) after successful Google authentication

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  • Christopher Kennedy
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy
    Hi Abdul,
    Would your use case support your Google sign-in flow using redirects instead of a pop-up?  It might be simpler for your web app to handle.
  • Sal

    It would be really nice if Zendesk provided a repo of example custom apps that utilise the most common patterns

  • Trent Zinkstok
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Sal

    Please take a look at our Demo Apps on GitHub, these may be of help.



  • Abdul Hameed P

    Thank you Christopher Kennedy and Trent Zinkstok

    Its working  :).. 

    I'm having the following queries, to launch my app successfully..


    Query 1:

    I integrated the google auth process.. But, I need some alignments here..

    So, initially, it will render the "GOOGLE SIGNIN BUTTON".. The user needs to click (click1) the "GOOGLE SIGNIN BUTTON" to open the login tab, and the user needs to click (click2) the corresponding account for authentication.. The flow is working fine..

    But, I need to reduce the no of click from 2 to 1 (It should directly open the login tab).. So, I need to click the google sign-in button automatically (It should not be manual click).. 

    Is there anyway to reduce the no of clicks..


    Query 2:

    I'm also looking for an alternative way.. Can you please tell the feasibility for that..

    Actually, Inorder to use our app in zendesk platform, it needs some sort of Access token or ID token.. So, whether its possible to get these tokens during Zendesk account sign-in (with Google credential or Zendesk credential)?

    Instead of integrating authentication (Google auth or Zendesk auth) in our app, I'm looking to get access token or ID token during Zendesk account sign-in itself..

    Please let me know whether its possible or not.. Or Please suggest any other solutions..

    Thank you..


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