Not receiving OTP codes into our Zendesk instance!


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  • Sam

    Hi Andrew!

    Quick question - how do you have the forwarding configured to pass emails sent to to go to Zendesk (e.g. do you have an account-wide forwarding rule, a filter that does it selectively, pulling email into Zendesk using a connector, etc.)?

    My suspicion is that there is a filter in place which is not matching the OTP emails. Would it be fair to assume that the OTP is sitting in the primary inbox and you do not have access to that mailbox?


  • Andrew Fell

    Hello, Sam!

    I will confirm with my team around how that initial pass was configured as it's quite legacy at this point. How can I confirm this on my end?

    Correct on the second point. The OTP sits in the primary inbox but does not flow through (Nor do I have access to that mailbox).

  • Sam

    Hi Andrew!

    You would need access to the inbox to see how it has things set up or to work with someone who does.

    The built-in Zendesk email functionality is described in Forwarding incoming email from your existing email address to Zendesk Support. Specifically automatic ticket creation from an inbox is detailed in Enabling automatic ticket creation for your Gmail inbox, which uses an API connector between Gmail and Zendesk instead of any forwarding rules to help simplify setup. But in practice I've usually seen forwarding, so continue below.

    Since the issue is when you set up a new account (and presumably use a new + alias) then it is likely that the filter does not have a matching condition and that it is being updated after the new alias has been determined.

    I would suggest if you plan on using the email exclusively as a pass-through to Zendesk then it should be configured to forward everything it receives instead of filter-based rules which may not catch it all.

    Since you mention + aliases, that means your setup is likely Google based. For information, refer to Automatically forward Gmail messages to another account - specifically look for sections Turn Forwarding On or Off and Only forward certain kinds of messages (the latter being filtering). This page will help you determine how your setup is configured for forwarding.

    If you use a different mail service, let me know and I can pull some docs on how the setup may exist.



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