To add more features for Jira app

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  • Dan R.
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    Hey Angeria Verawati

    I've moved this post to the Apps & Integrations section in the community so that the teams that manage this integration are more likely to see it. 

    Can you share more with them about _why_ these changes would be beneficial to your workflow? A great template for effective feature requests can be found here.

  • Angeria Verawati

    Hi Dan R.

    Currently, we are using Jira for escalation to other departments so only our customer support agents that are using Zendesk full-time. This is because of some limitations that light agents have (for example, they cannot assign a ticket back to agents) hence why we need Jira. For now, our agents can only write comments but they cannot assign or tag anyone so they would need to manually go to their Jira again to do those things. We would like our agents to be able to do what they need inside Zendesk without having to open another page. Thank you.


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